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Friends Only! =O

Ummm, I probably won't be very strict about this xD So just comment to tell me how you know me, or whatever, and I'll more than likely accept. ^^

Thank you very much to whoever made this banner for me! Once I find out your name, I'll totally credit you <3

Feel free to friend me if you...

-- like The Office
-- are a fan of Zachary Quinto
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like Parks and Recreation
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-- are awesome
[or just really, really cool]
-- think I'm awesome
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[there will be some eventually!]
-- just feel like it
-- want to for whatever spiffy reason

~ Lissa


The majority of my fics and graphics will be left public for everyone to read/see if they'd like, however. =)

Fanfiction updates and ranting/venting

Two Arthur/Eames fanfics, my loves:

Your Love is Better (Than Ice Cream) and It Sure Can Get Lonely at Night.

:) They're both rather silly in certain ways. No doubt you've seen them floating around on various comms and such. I've been plugging them, naturally, as I am now ;)


(and one day I'll actually put together an Inception rec list... I'm determined.)


In real life news, I played a slight prank on a friend and now she's super mad at me.


I didn't even think it was that bad and it didn't go on for too long, but whatever.

So that's kind of depressing. She's super amazing at guilt trips, too, I've got to hand it to her.


P.S. in regards to what action star would be Arthur's favorite (I loved the answers! haha)-- I decided to take a comedic leap and picked someone who wasn't exactly action-y but who... well. We all know and love ;) See It Sure Can Get Lonely at Night.

I'm going to bed @__@

-- Lissa

Youuu look like David Hasselhoff...! ♪

Inception fans/friends help me out! Pleaseee, if you can.

Hello, this is random, but I was wondering in regards to a fanfic I'm currently writing...

If Arthur from Inception had a favorite actor that he idolized, who do you think it would be?

It's a bit strange, but... work with me on this haha.

I'm thinking an action star, most likely. Probably a pretty well-known one, for I'm not sure how much free time he'd get to watch movies with the job he has, haha. Also, the sexier the better, hahaha. ;)

Please don't say Joseph Gordon-Levitt, lol XD Because no. Also, Tom Hardy will also not make sense for my purposes haha.

This upcoming Arthur/Eames fic is... Avenue Q-related ;) Strangely enough.

So help me!


Okay, flist, I'll leave you alone. Good night. :)

(Original pictures: Anakin, Tom Hardy)

EDIT: Also, Darth Saito...

All is Fair [Arthur/Eames, R]

Title: All is Fair
Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Eames/Arthur
Rating: R/NC-17, for, uh, you know... smut. :O
Warnings: Sex, maybe some language.
Summary: Based on this prompt from inception_kink: Eames sneaks into Arthur's dream and finds Arthur/Projection!Eames. Decides to make things more interesting. Eames/Arthur/Projection!Eames.
Author's Notes: I'm so slow at getting fics out so this prompt has probably been fulfilled already but oh well. It had good reception on Fanfiction.net where many people were asking me to continue it... should I? I mean, it's definitely open-ended. And in case you think you're seeing double, you're not, because this is is practically a re-post (sorry flist) but I've cleaned it up a bit. Thanks to wandersfound  for giving me some feedback on an earlier draft :) Also I fully intend to x-post this to various places. :3


Random Abed/Troy Ficlet

Title: To the Mothership?
Fandom: Community
Pairing: Abed/Troy
Rating: G (PG if the quote in the cut tag scares you. :D)
Author's Notes: I've had this one around in my documents for a while... thought I'd share :) It's very random and very short (and you can lol at the font change all you want, idc). It might also be a refreshing change of pace for my non-Inception friends, hehe. Enjoy~



Before Troy knew what was going on, he was being sandwiched between the wall and Abed.Collapse )

Just attempted to draw Tom Hardy/Eames. LOL He looks more like Hugh Jackman D:

Which, you know, isn't a bad thing either!

And why, yes, his arms DO disappear. Maybe I have The Prestige more in my head than Inception for once what with all of these vanishing acts and transformations. Hmmmm....

GASP. Maybe Eames has forged himself to be Angier. Or Wolverine. Or that guy from Australia. Ooh...

This is why I don't often attempt fanart bahaha ;D I wonder who JGL will turn out looking like?

Now You See Me? [Eames/Arthur] (PG-13)

Title: Now You See Me?
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Inception
Pairings/Characters: Arthur/Eames (sort of), Arthur/Ariadne (implied)
Summary: Eames never misses out on an opportunity to mess with Arthur... even if he has to create that opportunity himself. And if he gets away with it? All the better.



"Do you really think I want to run into his bloody wife?" The forger chuckles, but he's completely serious. He's already been killed by Mal once today at an earlier dream share. At his side, Arthur can’t help but chuckle too, no doubt remembering the act and finding it amusing, the bastardCollapse )


Oh goodness. Okay, so quite a few episodes ago, my friend jordandesolated  was intrigued by the thought of a Dwight/Toby pairing. And, well, you know. I played around with it a bit in my head (including posting about it on my LJ) and ended up writing a little snippet for her. I just recently found it again and thought some people might appreciate it being shared, haha. If you don't like it, fine, ignore this post; it's okay with me :P


The title of this? Uhhhhh IDEK by redwhitedresses ... because... quite simply I Don't Even Know.


Dwight climbed predatorily on top of Toby, though it wasn't as though he really needed to emphasize who was in charge.Collapse )


Well... that was different haha. I probably could have gone further with it, but for whatever reason (twitch) I didn't all that time ago. Also I failed at supplying an icon to go with this post that would be appropriate haha.